OMA  human capital

O.M.A Human Capital is a division of OMA Chartered Accountants, the division was formed to provide high-caliber candidates to clients.

OMA Human Capital is duly registered with APSO and Department of Labour and provides specialist temporary, contract and permanent staffing solutions to corporate and government entities across all sectors. The services that OMA Human Capital offer are:

Response Handling

In order to reduce the stress in your HR department, our team at O.M.A will handle the advertisement by redirecting all submitted CV’s to our office.

After a meeting with the Line Manager to ascertain what the minimum requirements are we screen, capture and conduct an initial telephonic interview with prospective candidates.

We will then conduct a face-to-face interview with our shortlisted candidates before delivering a detailed report on each candidate.

We can arrange to assist in panel interviews as well as set up interview questionnaires at client’s request. We are able to expedite our client’s deadlines as well as reduce time and costs on your recruitment process. Our highly skilled agents ensure that candidates are treated equally and our process is fair and consistent.

Permanent placements

We ensure our permanent placements are to our clients’ specifications across most industries from entry level to CEO level. Our recruitment specialist will arrange a visit to your premises to ensure candidates and clients are well matched. We provide reference, qualification and criminal checks on short listed candidates.

Executive and scarce skills searches (Head hunting)

We fully understand the financial and operational challenges that our clients face and therefore we offer executive search to find the perfect candidate for the position. We submit assessment reports to indicate the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses with regards to the position as well as handle all negotiations prior to the interview. Our specialist will follow up to ensure our client and selected candidates are fully incorporated

Temporary staff

We provide professional flexible staffing solutions across all departments from Administrators to Senior Manager level. Our flexi-staff are screened and carefully selected to ensure highly motivated and skilled staff meet your every need.

Candidate assessments & References

O.M.A uses various means to assess candidates during the recruitment process. On our clients request we arrange psychometric tests, previous working experience references, character references and criminal tests.

Finding the right Candidates

We use our extensive database as a network and referral tool. Once we receive job specifications, we search our existing candidates who already screened. Extensive interviews are done to ensure that the candidate has the right skill and temperament for the job.

We also use Career Junction as a source of obtaining candidates. Here we advertise posts and receive suitable candidates who are then interviewed.

We believe we can be the most useful to you if we can offer you our expertise in the areas where we can deliver the service you need:

  • Auditors 
  • Debt Collection
  • Internal Auditing
  • Risk Management Analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Financial Management, Management Accounting
  • Project Management
  • Business Consulting
  • Secretarial
  • Office Administrators
  • Human Resources, Payroll
  • Information Technology

Additional Services We offer:

  • Consultant to see you and take down a thorough job specification
  • Advertising Cost for positions
  • Response handling
  • Screening of CV’s
  • Interviewing Candidates
  • Reference checking
  • ITC/Credit Checking
  • Criminal Checking
  • Secondary and Tertiary education checking
  • Interview question compilation
  • Human Resources/Industrial Advise
  • Labour Relations Advice
  • Labour Law Advice