I.T Auditing

The O.M.A approach to information technonlogy (I.T) audit

As the Client is reliant on I.T systems, O.M.A conducts Information technology audits in-line with the COBIT standards and framework as these have been adopted as the de-facto operating and business processes. Furthermore, the current business systems should be evaluated against legal requirements namely: ECT Act, Promotion of Access to Information Act, National Intelligence Act etc.

The diagram illustrates the major business areas of concern for Clients:

  1. Ownership of Business Systems: Relates to the operation and management of the various Information Technology sub-sets within clients.
  2. ICT Governance: The audit result must assist clients in evaluating their current compliance levels and recommend appropriate responses to areas of failure/non-compliance.
  3. Policies and Procedures: All relevant policies and procedures must be evaluated against international standards and recommendations must be provided to address short-comings.
  4. Succession Planning: A properly defined and approved succession plan must be implemented to ensure that CLIENT continues to provide the stakeholders with its related services.

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